~ My Nuriko Stuff ~
Nuriko Cels:
 All of my cels are now listed at my cel gallery. I have Nuriko, Fushigi Yuugi, Marmalade Boy, Sailor Moon, and many more cels! ^_^

One of a kind Nuriko items:
 II have two fan done cels(shown on cel site) and a groovy Nuriko/Rei lamp! |  Nuriko side of lamp  |  Rei side of lamp This lovely lamp was made by Seimei She isn't doing any more so don't ask her please! ^_^. 

Nuriko UFOS:
 Actually, I have two of these ^___^.     Pic One  |  Pic Two

The room of an otaku...Nuriko LD:
 Actually it's a FY LD, but it has a Nuriko cover so I HAD to have it! It is from the second OAV and it is Episode 3 which features Nuriko and his cute brother Rokou! ^_^;;; It came with a nice poster of Nuriko and Rokou which is included in the pics!    The cover  |  The LD  | The poster

Nuriko travel set:
 What? You call yourself a Nuriko fan and you don't have this kawaii little item? It is sooooo kawaii! I picked up mine on Ebay for ahem..... $40.00. ~_~;;; Oh well.. it is soooo cute it was worth it! Here are two scans of it.    The contents of the set  |  The little bag in the wrapper

Other Nuriko items:
 Wai I have the keychain set!!!!! Wheee! I have five Nuriko centric doujinshi! ^_^. I also have the CD single, my favorite Manga #16 ^_^;;; and some other things which I have pics of for you to see. Nuriko Bracelet (I have two of these. I'll take a pic of them both soon)  |  Keychain Set  |  Nuriko novel(signed inside by Watase Yuu at AZ 00)  |  Nuriko single  |  Manga 16 (also signed inside by Watase Yuu at AZ 00!)  |  Oav CD w/ Nuriko cover  |  Kawaii clip set  |  Manga pinNuriko stamper! (this is so rare I've only seen it once!) Stamp set itself I also have the Nuriko pencil board (not pictured)

 What am I looking for now? Well, I want more Nuriko cels, Nuriko keychains, more Nuriko cels, actually anything Nuriko related. I make my own Nuriko t-shirts with pretty pics I scan and my printer. I also have a airbrushed shirt of Nuriko that I had made and a gorgeous fan art one that I got from one the lovely girls on the FYML. I have bought FY items before just for the pic of Nuriko on it! ~_~;;;; Yes I am obsessed with Nuriko! ^_^. In case you are interested, here are some pictures of my room - Did you notice the Nuriko wall?? ^_~.

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