~ Animazement 99 ~

 Wai! Here is my report of Animazement! It was the best. Considering it was my first con, I was psyched! I got to meet Watase Yuu on four different occasions during the con. I will report day by day for your enjoyment.

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  Thursday afternoon. I went out to wait on my two buds picking me up. I looked and they were already there! ^_^ I pointed at Ann, something it seems I do each time I see her! We ran to each other and hugged and then did our Tasuki/Kouji dance! I got to meet Kathy who is now a good friend. They had driven from Philly to Danville just to pick up ME for the CON! LUCKY! We hung out in town for a bit and then headed for Raliegh. We listened to good ole Anime music all the way down.

 Thursday was pre-con night. It was a great way to meet the guest in a informal setting. We got to sit with Watase for about 10 minutes and got a picture made with her. She was really nice and very gracious. Pre-con night was great because a lot of the people hadn't shown up yet, and it was easier to meet and greet people. We also got to meet a cutie name Shin. You'll see pics of him in the photo gallery! ^_~ Thursday we also met Sushi. She was dressed as Miaka. She was so cute. Yes there are pics of her too! ^_^ Wai! This is the night I dyed my hair purple. Ahhhhh It looked so kewl. Too bad it has almost washed out now. =(

 Friday was great! I didn't eat anything all day but four nabs and two cookies. The dealer room opened. Who had time or money for food? I wanted all my money to spend in the dealers room! My favorite dealer at the con was House of Anime They were the best! They had lots of FY merchandise and the guy running the table was a sweetie! They even donated a prize for our FY Fan panel on Sunday.

 Friday was also the day of the first Watase panel. This one was all about her. You could ask questions about her work, her life, and any thing you wanted. It was fun. I got to sit in the second row and I also got my artbook signed. This was the day I gave her the box from the FYML. What? You aren't on the FYML? You've never even heard of it? Ahhhhh Go here: Fushigi Yuugi.com to sign up and find out lots of info on the show FY. Thea's page is very comprehensive. If you do join the FYML, PLEASE read the rules! If you want to see a comprehensive list of the FYML box I got to present to Watase, go here Caithi'on was nice enough to collect the box and put the scrapbook together. Here is her list of FYMLers and pictures of the contents of the box. Watase herself loved everything in the box. She was very impressed with each item. I actually held up the other people wanting autographs by presenting it, but she wanted to look! ^_^ The quilt was a big hit with both Watase herself and the panel goers. She especially loved the Nyan Nyan, the tessen, Suzaku,.... well... she loved it all! ^_^ OH! I had on a duplicate of the shirt that was included in the box and she really like it too. She spent a lot of time looking through the box. I kinda held up the line. Oops! It was great though!

 Saturday Ahhhh Dealer's Room again! LUCKY! I loved the dealers room. The great House of Anime had their bus their that they travel on with all their goodies. What did they have hanging on the rear view mirror? a NURIKO UFO!!!!!! Yes, this girl asked every time she went to the HOA dealer table if she could buy it! ^_~ Guess what? I was told... e-mail me when you get home. I did, and guess what I now own? LUCKY! Yes, I got it. I won't tell you what I paid for it. ~_~;;; Let's just say I HAD to have it! Thanks again House of Anime!!!! Saturday also held the FY panel with Watase. This was fun because you could ask FY specific questions. I found everyone(for the most part ~_~;;) to ask very good and very interesting questions. I was first in line! I got to sit right up front and got another autograph! This time I got my Tamahome cel signed. One of the FYMLers got her Nuriko cel signed. Ahhhh What a cel too! I want one! Sniff!

 Sunday was the day Ann and I held our fan panel! Yes, the one run by Ann and Ann! ^_^. I was the one with the braid. Ann was the one giving out prizes. Sushi was out panel mascot. You might have seen her with her cute little stuffed Mokona that she picked up in the dealers room right before the panel! We gave out buttons to all that attended that said. 100% Fushigi Yuugi Otaku. The name of our panel was Fushigi Yuugi Otaku Paradise. We had a great time with the panel. If you want to see the results of the voting poll we did, go Here! We had a trivia contest. Prizes included kewl homemade FY buttons, some Ayashi No Ceres stuff donated by the Con, a FY poster from my own collection, and a great life size wall scroll donated by House of Anime! I think everyone who attended enjoyed themselves! Be sure the check out the pics! Especially of the 'button queen'. Yes, she knew ALL the answers!

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