Nuriko, my love...
~ All About Me ~

 My name is Rei Marie Chou but I go by RyuuenNoAisai (Beloved wife of Ryuuen) I also have other Nuriko related aliases but I go by RyuuenNoAisai exclusively. If you want to get in touch with me, go here

 My birthday is August 20 and I will be 17 again! ^_~ I love getting Nuriko art and fan fics for my birthday. That was just in case you wanted to send me a gift! ^_^; I am very shameless when it come to asking for Nuriko related things ne?

 There is more in depth info about me here.(if you are interested! ^_^) This page is to show why I loved Nuriko enough to open a domain to him.

 Ahhhh Nuriko, how I love him, let me count the ways! I can honestly say that I have never loved another character as much as I love Nuriko. I even have his seishi symbol tattooed on my chest! ^_^. I think he is such an interesting character. He is loyal, faithful, and just an all around wonderful guy. He is the epitome of the "perfect guy" Sigh! Did I mention that I love him? Hmmm I think I did! ^_~ I love all my titles for him, but my favorite is RyuuenNoAisai. I love his name. Ahhhhh .... Okies... now I am rambling about him.

 Ahh Nuriko. Ok a little about how I fell for him eh? Well, before I ever saw the show, I saw some pictures of the guys. Well, Nuriko caught my eye right off. I wanted to see more of him so a friend sent me the tapes. (This is way back in the day of fan subbed Yuugi) My second favorite character in Fushigi Yuugi is Tasuki. He is such a fiery cutie. Third is Tokaki. That man is just yummy! =P Nuriko, of course, is my absolute favorite character of FY or any show. I love his openness, his loyalty, his everything! ^_^. Yes, I am a bit obsessed with him. S'ok though! ^_~ I even wear a wedding band and ring for him. If anyone asks my last name, I tell them it's Chou. ^_~.

  A little bit about this page. I scanned all of the images you’ll see here. All screen shots were captured by me. Do not use any image from this page on any webpage without permission!

 Of all my web pages I have ever had, it is my fav! I even bought the domain. It just re-directs to ^_^. Over time, I have had 11 web pages! ~_~ Now I just have this domain.

 In 99 I was at Animazement, where I had the pleasure to meet Watase Yuu the creator of Fushigi Yuugi. She was great! Very nice and very pretty! I dyed my hair purple for the con and had a fake braid. (I miss wearing my braid... it was fun!) See my Animazement report for Watase pics and all the con info! I also went to Animazement 2000 and 2001 where I cosplayed as Nuriko. In 2000, Watase Yuu drew a sketch of Nuriko just for me. Watase even came to know me by sight at the "nuriko fan girl" LOL!

 Other interests in my life include Apple computers. I am a total Mac fan girl. I love my Macs! I was a PC user for years and switched to Mac in 2003. Needless to say I have sold all my PCs and only have Macs. I have a G4 17" flat panel iMac, a 14" G3 ibook, a Blueberry iMac(given to me by a friend), and a Macintosh Classic II (which I grabbed at a thrift store for $30.00!!! I love them all and they all work. =P

 Iam a huge fan of Stephen King and his books. I can read some of his books over and over. I also love the Harry Potter series. It's wonderful!

 I guess that is enough about me at the moment. LOL I probably bored everyone reading this. =P

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