My personal list of you know you love Nuriko too much when... examples. 

~ Nuriko Merchandise ~
I scour the internet and ebay, always looking for Nuriko related goodies! Here's what I've collected so far.

~ Supporting Nuriko ~
Assorted clubs and organization I belong to in support of Nuriko.

~ About Me ~
Get the skinny on Nuriko.net's webmistress.

The best manga cover!
~ Animazement 99 ~
Animazement 1999, I met Watase Yuu! Go here for fun pics of her, and of myself dressed as "modern day" Nuriko

~ Animazement 2000 ~
This is my report on AZ 01.

~ Animazement 2001 ~
The latest Animazement. I had too much fun cosplaying at this event. ^_^.

~ Obsession Clique ~
Have an anime/video game character/J-rock J-pop obsession? Well... join my obsession clique!