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 What can I tell you about the wonderful guy we all call Nuriko? Well, his given name is Ryuuen Chou. He went by the name Kourin when we first met him. This is for a good reason and I will explain further. The next part is a spoiler, so don't read if you don't like spoilers!

 When Ryuuen was young, he had a younger sister named Kourin. One day they were in town and little Kourin fell behind her Nisama. She was killed by a runaway horse. Poor Ryuuen was devastated. His parents told him that Kourin wasn't around anymore and to forget her. He couldn't do this. He dressed in her clothes and "became" her in a sense. So much so that by the time he got to Hotohori's court, he was known as a she. He took her name Kourin to be known by. He also thinks he is in love with Hotohori and everyone thinks he is gay. He is not. He just likes to cross-dress. NEVER call Nuriko gay. I will hurt you! Later in the show, he realizes that it is time to let her go and he decides to act more like a man. Sadly though, he doesn't get to act that way long. On a sad day on the snowy mountain, Nuriko gives his life in the pursuit of being a Suzaku Seishi. He fights Ashitaire and is hurt very badly. Even though he is hurt, he uses the last of his strength to remove a boulder from the door in which the rest of the Seishi need to go. In life and in death, Nuriko is a nobel and true friend to all who know him.

 What else can I add about Nuriko? He has super-human strength. Really! If Nuriko can't lift it, it can't be lifted. A good example of this: Tasuki, Nuriko and Miaka go to the festival in town. There is contest for the strongest guy. This HUGE guys lifts a big iron pot over his head and says, "Who can lift more than this?" Nuriko lifts the guy, the pot, and spins them... Bwa ha ha ha! He is like Superman, he just can't fly...... well... at least until the OAV ;_;

 I love to see him interact with the other characters in the show. He is like a brother to Miaka and to Tamahome, and a playmate to Tasuki. =P

 Webmistress random thoughts: Nuriko IS my favorite anime male character of all time. That is why I bought this domain. ^_^ I hope this site is pretty and informative. I hope my love for Nuriko shows in the pages of this domain. Why Nuriko? He is sweet, caring, devoted, strong, and just plain yummy! I collect Nuriko items, so far I have the travel set, the UFO(^_^.)(2 of em), many beautiful cels one with his seishi symbol showing ^_^, one Nuriko bracelet, the Nuriko CD single, various cards,four Nuriko shirts, the LD w/Nuriko on the cover(it came with a KEWL poster of him and Rokou!), A Nuriko and Hotohori bookmark, and some homemade Nuriko buttons! (Plus the Nuriko braid I made for Animazement 99. And a Nuriko custom made cosplay outfit for Animazement 2000. And the one thing that totally shows my obsession... I have his seishi symbol tattooed on my chest above my heart just like him. ^__^.

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