Nuriko and Genrou want to chat in IRC with you!!!
~#Ryuuen ~

 You are at the information page for channel #Ryuuen on dalnet!
There are not a lot of rules for using the channel. I'll be scheduling some "meet the webmistress" chats if anyone is interested! ^_^ Now on with the rules!

I am very easy going if everyone stays on topic! If the channel grows, I'll add more to this page. I hope you enjoy this extra add on to

 Okay how do I get there you ask? Well, I'll tell you! First you need a IRC client. I use IRC for Mac OS X For windows, choose mIRC Download the client for your OS and then look for dalnet. On dalnet, on the entry line, type: /join #Ryuuen This will take you into #Ryuuen on dalnet!

That is all there is! Hopefully there will be someone there to chat with you! Enjoy your chat and feel free to come back as often as you like. If anyone is interested in scheduled chats, let me know and I'll set them up!

I am the channel op. You'll see me in as either GenkiReiRei or RyuuenNoAisai (maybe ReiMarieChou) ^_^ I hope to see you there!

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