~ Nuriko Fan Art ~

 If you've done a piece of Nuriko fan art, please feel free to send it to me to be hosted on this page. Big, huge thanks to all of you fan artists for sending in your pics! Keep 'em coming ^_~.
Please do not take anyone's art from this page. The art is copyright to the respective artist. Feel free to e-mail them and let them know just how much you love their art! ^_^.


Nuku Nuku's art
Nuku Nuku has sent me so many lovlies, she got her own page! ^_^.

Nifty Piccie!
This isn't fan art but a lovely birthday drawing! ^_^. By: Setsa-chan

Christina - A profile shot, and two pictures of me with Nuriko! ^_^.
Clover - Nuriko& Kourin, A sly looking Nuriko, & Nuriko in a kimono.
Diana - A classic pose, a dazzling color image, & modern day Riko.
Ella - Three sharp looking black & white pieces.
Ryui Yoshi - Two nifty color images
Ryuuen no Aisai - Three drawings by me... ^_^. Be gentle?
Richard Kirby Two pencil sketches
Tokio - Two rough pencil sketches and a silly pen drawing.
Candy Great drawings One with Tasuki!
Jay Mason Great one of Nuriko and one of me and Riko! ^_^
Miaka Sukunami Yuuki - A very manly Nuriko, a nice color one, a moving tribute, and a groovy sketch!
Shawnna Bass Three wonderful computer generated goodies!
Sunrazor Two really nice CG drawings!!
Lina Inverse Pencil sketch and color drawing! ^_^
Spike Two wonderful sketches
Azalyn Rei and Nuriko! WAI!
Cindy-chan Three nice color drawings
Tenshi Three nice color drawings
Mara Four nice piccies
Ryu-chan Two piccies
Maggie Three sweet piccies
Tess Two cute piccies
Tsuki Oni Three nice piccies
K-chan Two nice piccies
RyoThree piccies
TuulensiskoThree piccies
*Mei*Lin*Four piccies
KristinThree piccies
Assorted Artists:
by: Glitterhouse
by: Ivonne
by: Ling
by: Mirna Kou Chou
by: my mom!
by: Nightshade Wolf
by: NurikoRyuuen
by: Riven
by: Kayleigh
by: Seimei
by: Shaner
by: Smerfette
By: Aki
By: Ato-chan
By:Li Ren
By:Shingetsu Mahono
By:Alley Cat
By:Sorcery Genius
By:Erinu no Rafusen
By:Jean Young
By:Shawna Jacques
By:Kasumi Drakeo

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