~ Entrants ~

 This was a successful contest! ^_^. I had lots of entries all of which are listed below by their name and a description of each entry. Please browse through and enjoy! Thank you to every one who entered my contest. I had a lot of fun looking at all the great things you sent!

 Entrants, please make sure you info is correct! If not, please let me know! Thankies! ^_^.

Ohkame Loner e-mail~Web Page
Nuriko with his shirt off
Pencil sketch with his hands in his hair
Pencil close up of Nuriko
V-chan e-mail
Pencil drawing
Chibi female Nuriko
Ai e-mail
Pencil sketch
Colored sketch
Lina e-mail
Female Nuriko
Ming Ling e-mail
Hotohori and Nuriko
Neko Nuriko
Diana e-mail~Web page
Nuriko looking over his shoulder
Nuriko holding a flower
Mary Boiter aka Rivene-mail~Web page
Female Nuriko
Nice close up
Pencil again
Heather e-mail
more sketches
Even more!
A few more!
Jessica e-mail
CG female Nuriko (Winner!)
Mai Kim e-mail
Nice pencil sketch
Usako e-mail~Webpage
Male/Female Nuriko
Nuriko as a flower
Adia e-mail
Nuriko ala Pokemon
Bondage Nuri
Jena e-mail~Webpage
Nuriko as an angel
Pencil sketch
Eiji e-mail~Web page
Very kewl CG art (Winner!)
Nuriko with green and black bg
Mari-chan e-mail
Pencil sketch
Cheyanne e-mail
Two sides of Nuriko
Genrou No Koibitoe-mail~webpage
Close up CG art
SD CG art
Scortia e-mail
Pencil sketch (shows Seishi symbol)
Color Pencil sketch
Smerfette e-mail~Webpage
Nuriko in a Kimono
Dagny Carter e-mail
Pencil Sketch
Asuka-chan e-mail
Nuriko and "Kourin"
Nuriko and Kourin
Jaana e-mail~Webpage
Nuriko and Hotohori ~_~;
Close up of Nuriko Nice!
Nuri-chan e-mail~Webpage
Pencil sketch
Alex e-mail
Nuriko is his famous blue outfit
Ling Xiaoyu e-mail
Really great CG art (Winner!) 
Another nice CG drawing
Caroline e-mail
Colored sketch(Nuri behind a tree)
Color sketch Nuriko with doves
Dani-chan e-mail~Webpage
Night Scene
Evey e-mail
Pretty Nuriko
Female Nuriko close up
NekoBoxtops e-mail
Female Nuriko
Sithel e-mail
Various Pencil sketches
Pencil Female
Shu Fong e-mail
Nuriko standing by a fence
Bamboo Dong e-mail
Very unique Nuriko
Lots of Nurikos
Nuriko on a picnic with Tama neko
Nuriko with Pen Pen
Pencil of Nuriko looking sad
Mara e-mail
Tasuki and Nuriko ^_^
Female Nuriko
Female Nuriko again
Male Nuriko
Male Nuri in his red traveling clothes
Nuriko and Tasuki ^_^.
Nuku Nuku
Pencil Sketch(Nice!)
Nuriko with a ribbonNuriko in black
Nice color pencil sketch
Nuriko running pencil skt
Ibuki Maya e-mail
Death to Miaka (Bwa hahaha!)
Pencil sketch with a little purple
Nuri in a dress
Nuriko with flower ps
Nuriko in a tie pencil sketch
Yanagi-chan e-mail
Nuriko looking 50's style (Neat!)
Rosangeles e-mail~Webpage
Nuriko as a fairy
Miaka Sukunami Yuukie-mail
Very nice Piccy of Nuriko

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