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 We opened with a trivia quiz and gave away some prizes. We had a FY poster of Tamahome and Miaka, a bunch of Ayashi No Ceres pen sets, homemade FY buttons which Ann made from her round playing card deck! ~_~;;; Everyone who attended got a button that said 100% Fushigi Yuugi Otaku. We also have away that nice life size wall scroll donated by House of Anime! Wai! I love those House of Anime people!

 Want to see the ballot we had for the attendees? Here it is

 Want to see the results of the panel? Sure you do! ^_^ The winners are listed below!

How much FY have you seen?     -     Almost all
Which do you prefer Anime or Manga?    -     Both
Is Fushigi Yuugi your favorite series?    -     YES!
Best Aspect of the series(Romance, Comedy, Drama, Bishonen, all)    -     All
Best Suzaku Seishi?     -    Tamahome #1     Nuriko #2
Best Seiryuu Seishi?    -     Amiboshi #1        Nakago #2
Best Supporting Character?    -    Kouji!!
Best Miko?    -    Suzaku #1    Seiryuu #2
Worst character overall?    -    Miboshi #1     Ashtray...uh Ashitare #2
Most powerful side?    -    Seiryuu

 I'd like to thank everyone who came to the panel. I hope you all had a great time! We sure did holding it. We really want to go to Otakon, but having no okane prevents this! No matter. I will be at Animazement 2000 and Otakun 2000!!!! So I hope to see you there. By the way, they are holding next years Animazement on Nuriko's birthday!!!! ^_^.

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