~ Screenshots ~
Brand new screen shots! All captured by me. ^_^.

~ Color Images | B & W Images ~
Various color scans and black and white images from Watase's beautiful manga.

~ Nuriko Novel Scans ~
Scans from the Nuriko novel - see Nuriko before he joined up with Miaka & co.

~ mp3s ~
Enjoy mp3s of Nuriko's songs & others sung by Sakamoto Chika, while surfing the site.

What a lovely group pic!
~ Doujinshi Scans ~
Scans from a wonderful (non-hentai ^_~) doujinshi featuring Nuriko, of course. Thumbnails of the Images are presented in page order.

~ Rokou Gallery ~
Nuriko's brother has his own Image Gallery! I guess good looks runs in the family, ne? ^_^. '

~ Winamp Skins ~
Spice up your boring old winamp player with some Nuriko skins.