Nuriko's Dream

By: Ry ^,~

There's never been any doubt in my mind that I loved Kourin more then anything else. Every time I would look in the mirror I would see her face. Everytime I would put on a dress, or do up my hair, or wear make-up I would think of her. So it's no suprise I would dream of her too. Last night, I dreamed about Kourin again. This time it was about an actual day we had together, back when she was seven and I was eight. It was more like a memory then a dream, and a perfect dream at that.


Kourin had gotten up early that day. The sun was just barely up, makin gthe sky look like it was on fire with it's beautiful pinks and ornages. She quietly tip-toed into my room, but I heard her open the door and was already awake by the time she jumped on my bed.
"Wake up Ryuuen. You promised, remember? Wake up!" She said in her sweet little voice.
"I remember. Did you ask momma for a basket?" I asked rubbing sleep out of my eyes.
"Not yet."
"Well, go ask her while I get dressed and wake Rokou." She scampered off happily as I pulled myself from my bed and woke my brother.

At the breakfast table, I could see the excitement in her face. I had promised to to go up the hill to pick flowers with her and she just couldn't wait.
"Where are you two going?" my brother questioned, trying to sound older then his ten years.
"To pick flowers Rokou. Want to come?" invited Kourin reaching out her hand to his.
"I can't," he sighed, "I have to help Papa with some measurements." "That's too bad." I said.
"We'll make sure to pick a special flower, just for you. Bye Rokou." waved Kourin as we ran off.

The Big Hill, as the children in our village called it, was really a feild full of flowers. Most of the flowers grew all the way up to my waist, and Kourin and I would spend hours there together all the time.
"Look Ryuuen, isn't it pretty." ask Kourin holding up a large red flower, it's head nearly as big as a man's hand. "I've never seen this kind before."
"Neither have I." I said in awe.
"It must be special. It must be for Rokou then." She smiled as she put the flower in her basket.
We spent the next few minutes picking flowers before giving that up for games. We played Tag, Leap Frog, Ring around the rosey, Simon says, and even hide-n-go-seek.

"We should probably go back soon Kourin, Momma will be making dinner soon." I told her.
"Awww, but I'm having too much fun. Just a little longer, please Ryuuen."
I couldn't resist her pleading eyes, so I agreed to stay and play for five more minutes. There were some big rocks over on the other side of the field, so we raced to see who was the first to get there. Naturally, I let her win.

"Ryuuen, do that thing you can do. Please." asked Kourin climbing up on the rock.
"I can't. What if someone were to see."
"Oh, please!!!" she begged.
"Oh, okay," I smiled, "But hold on tight." I bent down and lifted the boulder she was sitting on with easy abouve my head. Then carefully set it back on in the same spot it was in.
"Wheeee! That was fun!" she cheered.
"Good, because we have to go home now."I told her as I helped her down. we grabbed the flowers, including the large red on for Rokou and headed for home, with Kourin on my shoulders.


The next morning when I woke up I felt so content I wanted to rush right back to sleep, so I could see more of Kourin. But I didn't. I just layed there staring at the top of the larged canopied bed until I heard a knock at the door.

"Come in." I called.
"Morning Nuriko. Did you sleep well?" She asked as she came to sit with me on the bed.
"Yes. I had another dream about Kourin."
"Was it a good one?" she asked, her voice giving way to concern. I thought back to my dream before answering her. Remembering the familiar sound of Kourin's sweet laughter. I wanted so much to be able to see her again, too bad it was only a dream. I looked right at her, into her deep green eyes, and answered
"Yes. It was."