Title: Dawn
By: Bishounen no Otaku
Summary: Just my outtake on the beginning of a daily routine that 'Kourin' goes through each day. ^_^
Rated: G
Created On: Friday, April 21, 2000 at 10: 23 PM
Completed On: Friday, April 21, 2000 at 10:54 PM

The sky is alighted with the first rays of sunlight, the golden streaks tainting the pale blues and lavenders of the sky, the rosy pinks and purples a gentle swirling mist amidst the clouds.

Someone pulls back the soft velvet curtains, binding each flowing fold gently to the side, and the light streamed in to caress the soft ivory cheek that lays on the pillow.

Long elegant fingers twitch and the long lashes flutter, opening to reveal the amethyst colored eyes.

A servant bows low near her lady's side, resting the silk wine colored slippers on the floor, upon which dainty feet sleep into.

Another servant appears, placing a robe over the silk clad figure and the group moves as one before the gold gilded mirror, the lilac haired figure moving gracefully to seat before it.

A servant takes a comb that rested on the desk, and gently brushes the long tresses with long soft strokes, whereas another begins to work on powdering the soft cheeks and high cheekbones to create an even rosier blush.

The eyes close, and a hand reaches out to line the lids with black kohl, but not before brushing the eyelids with the pale lavender color to enhance the deep eyes.

The servant stops brushing the now silky hair, light as a feather, and began to pile the long strands upon the still head, creating curls and waves that the ladies of the court favored to be in style.

A hairpiece, made of ivory and designed so that the head was in the shape of a flower was inlaid with gems of all shapes and sizes. It is gently eased into place, held firm by the hair and whenever it caught the light, the gems would shine brightly.

The hands are lifted from their place on the table, and the servants each file the already perfect nails, ridding of the nearly microscopic mars upon the smooth surface. Slim rings are placed on the elegant fingers, diamonds catching light even though it was dim, sapphires sparkling brighter than the sea, rubies as deep as blood and violet colored jewels, though beautiful, paled in contrast with the amethyst colored eyes.

The robe is removed, and the arms stretch out, and the light sleeves of the first layer of the traditional kimono are slipped over them, gliding over the white shift, the cuffs adorned with delicate stitching with a pale plum colored thread.

Another kimono appears, this one thicker, but no lighter than the first, it's deeper and richer color standing out against the pale colored one beneath it. This time, the cuffs are threaded with a color of deep lavender.

The last kimono is of a dark, intense violet, as dark as the sky when the sun has set and the moon has risen to reign over the night, but it flashed with color and vitality when the light catches it, and for a brief moment, the violet is noticeable before disappearing once more.

The legs raise slightly, the slippers left in their place on the ground, and they're quickly removed, and in one fluid movement, the feet go down and glide into the sudden appearance of slippers in the same design, texture and color of the last kimono robe.

The figure rises silently, and already a servant is binding the loose folds tightly with a silk sash, creating a slight bow in the front with the long ends streaming gracefully down the front.

A simple chain of gold, with a single diamond pendant is clasped around the slim ivory throat, and tiny earrings of diamonds are slid into the small holes in the shell shaped ear lobes.

One last thing must be done before the servants departed and their lady steps out to begin a new day. A delicate sheet of paper, of ruby red, is placed between the full soft lips that press down upon them.

The lips part slightly and the small pieces of paper is removed and discarded, leaving behind the now red lips.

There is a soft rustle as the lady moves with the grace of a dancer towards the closed doors, without notice, they open and the dawn now streams in.

Lady Kourin glides from the room, her two servants faithfully following behind at a respectful distance, and so a new day begins with a new dawn.