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Last Updated 10.26.22
 I am just tweaking a few things. This site is not leaving. Nuriko approves! ^_^.
 I updated my e-mail address. I still had the old one up.
 I came to the site to tweak a few things. Yes, this site is still alive. I have no plans to take down Nuriko.net any time soon! ^_^.
 I just tweaked a few things on the site. It's nothing major, but it's an update. :)
 I finally went through my cliques page and deleted all the out of date / broken links. It didn't leave me very many! ^^; Hopefully I will do more little updates like this in the future.
 I have a pretty good update for you today. I updated my Fan Art Page. There is a lot of new arts! ^_^ In the next few days, I will update again and add a new link and a great deal of members to Club Ryuuen. Enjoy the updates, donate to the site, and Happy Holidays! ^___^.
 Ihave a very small update today. I took pictures of my Macs. I'm now a Mac user, no longer a PC user. ^_^ If you want to see the updated pictures of my room, they are here Enjoy!
 Whoo hoo! Yes I have an update! ^_^. I added several new pieces of Fan art today. I also added nine new members to Club Ryuuen I've recently sold my PCs and switched to Macintosh, so new room pictures will be coming with the next update. ^____^ It looks totally cool with the new iMac flat panel beauty I bought! ^_~.
 A small but happy update. I have to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the wonderful people who made donations to keep this site open! Way to go Riven, Shawna, Adrienne and Mehgan. I couldn't have kept the site open without you! ^__^ I have an update of my room pictures. I realized all the pictures were out of date, so I re-took them and they are up here for you to enjoy! I also added a TON of new members to Club Ryuuen
 H appy Thanksgiving a little early. I've added some new fan art and many new members to Club Ryuuen I joined a new club! I've won an award! and I also added a new Nuriko web board since the old one died. This one is great. Nuriko web board. Please go post on it and fill it up. ^____^ Enjoy the holidays and the update.
 H appy Fall everyone ^__^ I've updated... whee! ^_~ I've added some new fan art and many new members to Club Ryuuen I also added a link to my pal Nicholas' cel gallery on the Nuriko link page. Enjoy the update!
 S orry for taking so long to update! I've been really busy. I've added a lot this update! ^_____^ I've added lots of new fan art and many new members to Club Ryuuen I've received a cute new logo for the Nuriko Ring and I received an adorable blinking Nuriko gif. Go see all the new goodies ^___^
Last Updated 06.07.02
 W hee, another update. This time I added a really cute fan art and new members to Club Ryuuen Also, I am planning on scheduling some chats in IRC soon. If you are interested, let me know okay? I'd like to have a chat once a week with the visitors to my site. :D If you want more info or just want to say, hey! I wanna chat! E-mail me here
 S mall but adorable update! I added a cute Nuriko gif to the Support Nuriko page! Go look! :D
 U pdate time again! I've added new members to Club Ryuuen. New Fan art andI added a new Fan Fiction Enjoy!!!
 W hee, another update ^_^. Today's addition includes one new member to Club Ryuuen. And three cute banners for Club Ryuuen And I added a new Fan Fiction
 C an you believe it? I'm updating again! Four days in a row. Today's addition includes new members to Club Ryuuen. I also added four new gorgeous Nuriko pictures to the color pictures page
 W hee!!!!!! Three updates in a row. I'm on a roll now. =P I am updating today to let you know I moved the links on the bottom of the main page to a special page. You can visit it here. I also added a lovely new fan art and added a new Clique to the cliques page. Enjoy the update!
 Y es, I'm updating again today! Why? Well, I decided to re-open Club Ryuuen. If you had wanted to join in the past and it was closed, please feel free to join now. ^__^
 A bit of tweaking today. I was going over the fan art page and realized a few fan arts were missing!! *_* I don't know how I deleted them from the page, but I just added them back. =P I also updated my personal in-depth info page (I added a link to pictures of my Jack Russell Terrier! ^_^) Other smaller things were tweaked and/or updated. Not a huge update, but I hope you enjoy! ^__^
 Not really an update. I just found out today that the link for joining my web rings and clique were not working. ^^; I fixed them so if you wanted to join, you can do so now. :D ~ Nuriko ring | Ryuuen Ring | Obsession Clique Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone. ^^;
 H appy tax day! =P I have a nice little update for you today! I added new fan art today, I also added a new Nuriko Link and a new clique. ^_^ By the way, I'm selling most of my cel collection on ebay. It's going in sections so if you want to go look, that would be here There is also a permanent link to my auctions on the main page plus links to other money making things of mine. Enjoy the update.
 A nniversary update! ^_^ Yes, Nuriko.net is now in it's third year. Way to go! ^_^ I put up an anniversary splash page that will continue to stay for the month of April. Please sign the guestbook during the month of April and tell me how you like the site! I added a new fan art to the page today. I also have a computer glitch to report. I had a few other fan arts and I believe a fan fic, but my computer ate them. ;_; Hopefully the peeps who sent them in will read this and re-send. ^_^.
 A small update this time. I re-did the section that shows my room I had moved the bed and stuff around last fall and forgot to update my pictures so I did that tonight. I added a new clique the other day to the Cliques page, and added a few links on the main page. They are all to help finance this page. If you feel the need to buy something from my store, or just donate to the site, that would be great. ^_^ You are under no obligation to do anything! ^__^ The site is free for all the visitors. :D OH! If you are interested, I re-did my journal layout to a kawaii Marmalade Boy one if youw ant to see. ^__^
 H uge update today! I added over 60 screen shots that I captured from my DVDs of Nuriko! These are nice size quality images too. I hope you like them. They are available for viewing here I will be adding more screen captures when I can sit down and do more. I hope you enjoy these. I had a lot of fun capturing them. =P
 H appy New Year! Nuriko.net finally gets an update! ^_____^ I added some new fan art, extra art, a new link, changed my merchandise page, and updated the about me page. Enjoy!
 Y es, an update! ^__^ I've added a new fan art and a new fan fiction. I have some more fan art to scan in and add soon. I had some sweet people draw Nuriko for me at Neko-con this year so I'll scan those and put them up soon. In other news, I got my Nuriko dream cel in October! ^_______^ All my cels are at my cel gallery if you'd like to go see them. They are here
 I t's only four months late, but I ~finally~ got up my Animazement report. ^^; I am so glad to have it up and done. Go look at it and enjoy!
 Y es, I actually did update. ^_^. Don't expect frequent updates from me as I'm so harried and busy. >_< I will try to do them when I can though. I've changed some of the stuff on the pages about me and I also added a link to my all new Nuriko Web Board Please go post. It's empty. ^^;

09.09.01 Later the same day =P I went through my mail boxes and found about 20 people that had signed up for Club Ryuuen before I closed the submissions. I figured it wasn't fair to them not to add them just cause I closed and re-opened the site, so they are now up on the Member page

 T he site is now static. I probably won't be updating it again. I put a lot of hard work, love and devotion in this site and it seemed a shame to keep it closed. I'm opening it back up for all the people who have asked me too and have missed it.
 T his is Nuriko.net's last update for a while. I have a lot of personal things going on in my life and at the moment I don't have the time or energy to update. Does this mean the site is closed forever? No, I'll be back after I've had some time to get things straight. As for today's update, I've added an award, fan art, links, and members to Club Ryuuen. I have a report of my Animazment trip but it will have to wait until a later date.
 F irst off I'd like to say thank you to Quatre for being the 62,000 visitor to Nuriko.net! Now, on to the update. ^_^. I've added a new link section for Anime links., I've also added a new wallpaper , new members to Club Ryuuen, and added a new Poem to the fan fiction section. Enjoy the update! I will be leaving next week to head out to Animazement Look for a report of it soon after!
 N ot really an update. Just to let you know I took the Anniversary splash page down. I have entered all the names in a hat and the lucky winner is: Nanashi! Congrats to Nanshi! If for some reason she doesn't want the prize, I will draw again. Thanks to all who visited and signed the guestbook. Please continue to support the site.
 A small update this time. Two new pieces of fan art, a new fan fic, and finally, I added new members to Club Ryuuen I am sorry for the latest of the update, but I had to send my laptop in for repairs and it was gone a week ^^; If you ever need to keep up with what I am doing or why updates are late, read my Live Journal Enjoy the update ^_^.
 A nother big update! I have added 5 new winamp skins more new fan art, a new fan fic, some more goodies to the extras page which baka me just remembered to link off the fan art page, and finally, I added new members to Club Ryuuen
 H appy Anniversary to Nuriko.net! ^___^ Today marks the second anniversary of my tribute to the wonderful Nuriko. I didn't add anything new to the page today just the wonderful Anniversary splash page that Tokio created for me. A update with more art will be up very soon!
Happy Anniversary Nuriko.net ^_^.
 I am back with a huge fan o licious update! ^_^ I have twelve new fan arts to add! Aki, Spike, VWL, Enkida, Azalyn, Cindy-chan, Mara, and Tenshi. Arigatou! ^_^ Find all the art here There are three new pictures of Rei and Nuriko there. Whee! Also in this update, I have a Fan Fic! And last but not least, I added some new members to Club Ryuuen
 Wai Wai! Happy Birthday Nuriko! ^_^ Okay so I am a day early ^^;; What did you do for Nuriko's birthday? I made him a cake with purple frosting and made some grape jello! =P Since I have to work on his birthday, I am going to use all purple accesories! =p Be sure to do something on Saturday to celebrate Nuriko's birthday! Now on to the update! ^_^. I had quite a lot of things to add, so here we go! First of all, I added some new members to Club Ryuuen I added an Award (I am really honored that my site is considered this good! Thanks Nishi! I also added a new link and very special badge... It's my official marriage certificate! =P Go look. Have you ever wondered why it takes so long for me to update sometimes? You do? Well, then you can go to my journal to find out what is going on with me! ^_^.
 Not really an update, but I did a lot more fixing today. I went through and fixed all the broken links on the old contest page so that everything works now! ^_^. You can actually see all the entries! I also took down the ANC petition. Thank you to all who signed! ^_^.

Now on to the not so good news... ~_~; I have been going WAY over the bandwidth that is allowed for the domain lately. ;_; This costs me an extra $15 a month on top of the 9.95 for the web hosting I already pay. I moved up to the next plan which means I'll be paying 19.95 a month, but with the new plan I should have plenty of bandwidth. What I don't understand is WHY after almost two years of the site being open did this start to happen. It's more than I can afford, but I love the site so I'll pay. ^^: What can you do to help? Well, I'll tell you! If you ever go to a page and see any file, image, banner, mp3 or anything of mine directly linked back to my page, let me know here. Thanks minna! ^_^.

 Mainly a fixer up update today! ^_^. I went to view the stats for the site and fixed all the broken links. If you find anything broken, e-mail me and let me know! I updated my merchandise page to show all my Nuriko and Rokou cels, plus some fan cels and my nifty Nuriko/Rei lamp! Go look! I also added two new members to Club Ryuuen. I know it seems like a small update, but I fixed a lot of things. By the way, the Nuriko ML is now closed. I will be working on having something new on that page soon, look for it! ^_^.
 Oops! It's been a long time since the last update. I am slowly getting caught up with everything My trip put me behind, but it was so much fun, I don't care! ^_~. I have a nice size update for you today though! ^_^. I have two newExtras(a wallpaper and a colored manga pic!), Two buttons for linking, and two new links and many new members to Club Ryuuen.
 Whee! I am updating again! First of all, let me tell you that Watase Yuu is going to be at Animazement again this year! ^_^. I am very happy about that. If you haven't made plans to go, do so now! Okay, now on to the update! I have two new fan arts and four new members for Club Ryuuen. I also cleaned up the main page by moving all my cliques to their own page. I was joining so many they needed their own page! ^_^; Enjoy the update!
 Hello to all! Yes, Nuriko.net is now re-opened, and I even have an update for you today! ^_^ It's not a big update, but I am hoping you'll enjoy it anyway! I have two beautiful new Nuriko fanarts. These are great, go look at them, they are by my pal Miaka! ^_^. The other update to the page today is a few new members to Club Ryuuen Thanks to everyone who sent e-mails, posted in my journal and on my web board asking me to re-open Nuriko.net. You are all appreciated. ^_^.
 Whee! An update. I am sorry I haven't been updating as much as I used to. I will try to get back to a weekly update schedule. I have been sick off and on since October so I've not felt like updating. In any case, I have a nice update today! First all I have some nice new Fan Art , A new banner and button on the Link me page (Made my Riven ^_^), and finally, some new members to Club Ryuuen I really need to do something to update that member page ^_^;;;; Oh ^____^ I also added my nifty glomper badge. I am the official glomper for Nuriko! :P You can view my badge here. If you are ever wondering where I am and why I don't update, you can see my daily ponderings in my journal-chan I'll see you next update!
 Small update today. Just some tweaking throughout the site. I have changed the following pages: My contact page, | YKYLNTMW | Nuriko mailing list | Merchandise page It's just a few little things that needed tweaking. I'll update more as soon as I get the second artbook. I'll be scanning more Nuriko pics for the galleries! Wheee!
 Oi! Sorry it has been so long since the last update. I have been sick off and on and it's been icky. I haven't been online nearly as much so updates had to be pushed back. I think I have made up for it today though! I have quite the update for you. Three new Fan arts, A new winamp skin, , and 14 new members to Club Ryuuen
 I finally got the chance to update. I have some new things for you this time! ^_^ As always, I have new members to Club Ryuuen I also got two awards Both are really kewl and unique! One was for guessing the correct skater(I love ice skating!) and the other is from the very sweet Very Wicked Lady who gave me a Nuriko award because I have been down and thinking of closing the site. Thanks VWL and Rose for sending her my way! ^_^ Last but not least, I made some new banners for linking! I didn't like most of the old ones so I made all these new ones. I hope you like them. You can view them here :P
 Time for another update. I know I was late this week. Forgive me? ^_^. I have a small update too. I haven't had any submissions of art or anything to the site lately so the only update I have for you is new members to Club Ryuuen. I have a few comission arts out there and a few friends are working on art for me, so maybe by the next update, I'll have a nice art update! By the way, I'd like to say Happy Birthday to one of my oldest friends! Happy Birthday Doris-chan :P
 What? I updated again today? I sure did. I wanted to let you all know about my online journal! ^_^ It's linked in the about me section, or you can go straight to the journal. Last night with Tokio's help, I change the Nuriko forum See made the new logo and topic/reply buttons.. go check it out and please feel free to register for a free account and post! ^_^. Last but not least, I added a few new members to Club Ryuuen Enjoy the chibi-update ^_^
 Yippee! Yes, here is the update as promised! I added quite a few new things today. New Fan Art, updated the YKYLNTMW list( it now shows my Nuriko birthday cake and some of the kewl Nuriko gifts I got this year! ^_^) , added a few new members to Club Ryuuen, and tweaked the Nuriko stats page.
 Another small update. I added new members to Club Ryuuen today. Gomen for the small update, but I am just getting back in the swing of things from my vacation! ^_^ I'll have a bigger update hopefully Tuesday for you! ^_^
 This is a small update and late too! Gomen nasai! I added new members to Club Ryuuen today. That is all I updated. I will be on vacation from September 15-September 26. Tokio is coming to visit for most of that time, so I probably won't be online as much. Hopefullly I'll have a big update for you by the first of October! ^_^. Look for one then.
 Oops! I didn't update last week. Well, I think I am making up for it today with a nice update! First I have new members for Club Ryuuen, then I have a nice new Fan art, a neat Birthday gift, a new Winamp skin, and a brand new Award! ^___^. I hope everyone enjoys the update!
 Very small update! Gomen nasai! I added new members to Club Ryuuen Oh! And please don't forget about the #Ryuuen channel on IRC! I'll be popping in a lot this weekend. Sunday is my birthday! ^_^ I hope to see some of you there!
 Update time! ^_^. I added a GORGEOUS new Fan Art Go see it! I also added lots of new members to Club Ryuuen Don't forget to visit the #Ryuuen channel on dalnet and post on the Nuriko Forum
 Y ippee! Another update and right on schedule! Lots of things were added today! New Fan Art, Poem , Several new members to Club Ryuuen and the newest feature to Nuriko.net .... Chat! Yes, Nuriko.net has it's own official IRC channel on dalnet! Go Here for all the info! I have joined a few more cliques since the last update. They are all on the main page! ^_^
 Konichiwa! Today's update includes three new members to Club Ryuuen, quite a few new fan arts!!! I have five new ones! Thanks to Lina, Rose, and Sunrazor! ^_^.
 Here I am with an update! Expect the site to be updated each week on Tuesdays. ^_^ Today's update includes two new members to Club Ryuuen, a BEAUTIFUL fan art of me and Nuriko from my pal Jay Mason Whee! And, two awards!!! Can we say genki? ^_^ I hope you enjoy this update!
 Has it taken me this long to update? Gomen! I have been having lots of computer probs lately and the like. No matter though. I now have an update for you! ^_^. I added a new link to the newest FY domain! You'll find it in the Fushigi Yuugi link section. Or go directly to Chichiri.net I also added two new winamp skins! See those here I added some things to the YKYLNTMW page, added a ton of new members to Club Ryuuen, and finally, I added a disclaimer page. This is an important page for everyone to read. It will tell you why the doujin I had planned to scanned and upload will never be done. One more thing, please, please visit the Nuriko Forum! It has forums for lots of different things plus Nuriko! ^_~.
 So sorry for the delay on updates! ;_; I have been have browser problems. I AM going to have a really big update soon with that beautiful doujinshi of Nuriko I have! ^_^ For now, I did some tweaking here and there in the site. Added a ton more members to Club Ryuuen OH! Please, please, please visit my Nuriko web board! IT's lonely. I have lots of different forums for you to post in!
 A small update today. I added 13 new members to Club Ryuuen Added a new donated winamp skin, and joined a new webring. I have a big update coming soon! I'll be adding scans from the newest Nuriko doujinshi I have, and pics of my other two Nuriko cels! ^_^
 Another small update. I added eight new members to Club Ryuuen Also, PLEASE visit my new forum! It hasn't been visited much lately and it has four different boards for you to post on! ^_^.
 Very small update today! ^_^; I just tweaked the About mepage and added an extra page with a little more of my likes and dislikes. That is here

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