~ My Nuriko Fan Club ~

 Why a club for Nuriko when there are already so many clubs dedicated to him? Well, I love Nuriko and love joining clubs for him. When I decided to open this site, I had already opened the little club on Yahoo. I wanted to do something more.

 Nuriko is just a absolutely wonderful person. He has had tradegy in his life yet he shows a cheerful front and it always ready to help his friends. He is the epitome of perfection to me. Nuriko has far surpassed any other character in Fushigi Yuugi as my favorite. He is cute, funny, sweet and a all around good guy. He really is the perfect man. I hope this site and this club do him justice. He is too good to be true!

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Membership closed. If you want to join, just add the banner to your page! ^_^. No need to sign up

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