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Fushigi Yuugi is a series which details the adventures about a young girl Miaka Yuuki and her friend Yui Hongo who both are drawn into an ancient Chinese text, the Shijin Tenshisho. The two recover and find themselves in a world that resembles ancient China. Yui is eventually returned to the 'real world' soon after she appears in the ancient world; Miaka is quite worried and begins to search for her. In Miaka's search for Yui, Miaka accepts her destiny to become the saviour of Konan Country as she is to serve in the mythical role of Suzaku no Miko.

Throughout the series' 52 TV episodes, there are many happy and extremely humourous times, as well as deeply touching ones. This site attempts to touch on the 100 most significant events/scenes in the 52 TV episodes (not including the 9 Original Animated Videos). These scenes are chosen for a number of reasons; some for their humour, some for their significance to the pathos and ethos and some just because they seemed interesting. ^_- A small word of caution for the site; some scenes (especially ones with multiple images) have about 40-50 KB of images; just so you know. ^_^

As would be expected in a project like this, there are some spoilers to the story of Fushigi Yuugi. In order to eliminate the unintentional spoiler, the list of scenes is broken up into 13 volumes each corresponding to four episodes. As well, in the future, the two volumes of OAVs may be added on to the end.

The scenes are listed chronologically and are not ranked. Not everyone may agree with these choices; however, this is what we feel are the 100 Best Scenes. ^_^ Comments are more than welcome.

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